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I am a biologist with a Ph.D. in Physiology from the Catholic University of Chile. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. I have worked in different fields of research, such as cardiovascular and reproductive physiology, neuroscience, biophysics, and pharmacology. Throughout these experiences, I have always been intrigued by how scientists communicate their ideas and results. As a scientist, I continuously try to improve the way my data and concepts are presented, not only among my peers but also outside the scientific community. I have found that many of my colleagues are unable, or lack the time, to generate visually attractive graphs and conceptualizations and that great ideas and extraordinary scientific findings are sometimes dampened by low visual impact and unclear data representation. For this reason, I co-founded KIMEN Design4Research to help scientists who want to present their science clearly and in a way that stands out. At KIMEN, I serve as scientific advisor by overseeing the scientific accuracy of every project and cultivating the link between science and design.

Scientific Advisor
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